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1.  Carry Research on Royal Rights  


By organizing yearly seminar to have research on hot topic includes continually development, pace keeping activity, reform power of royal, explore the mission and responsibility of royal, contribution to the country and promotes global communications, build good diplomatic relationship, thus become economic bridge between countries. To strengthen the good relationship between countries, visit to Italy, Cambodia and other West African countries promoted royal peace and reorganize the Royal family, to get involve in country development issue discussion and forum, and build diplomatic relationship by having interview session.

The publication of Asia time is to execute the promotion.






2. Participate in Royal Association and International Royal Association Activities  


Actively get involved in all reorganize Royal organization activities. 


3. Promote Royal Authority  


Promote to the public to get involve and research on the royal family history and culture, helps the realization the principles of the “Royal Charter”, even actively support university to have research about royal family, include the parentage, history, cultural antique collection value.


4. The World Royal Peace Council Union Will Help to Reorganize Corporate Resource, Grouping the  Royal Aristocracy, Helps Corporate to Have Linkage with the Multibillion Resource Project.



By having the council union and senior member to build a strong business communication platform, helps society to build the strongest communication platform for political - to - business, military-to-business and business-to-business, impact the society and flourish corporate business opportunity. It also helps the corporate to have a strong-strong collaboration and deepen the strategy planning in global market. With the bright side of Royal family, it helps to promote corporate concept, and build up the reputation and strength of corporate.


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