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Majapahit Empire


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History 历史

Majapahit, a huge kingdom of island empire based on Java from year 1293 to 1500, prospered from the late 13th century, and its influence stretched to most Indonesia.


During this period, the Majapahit ruled the southern part of the Malay Peninsula, Borneo, Sumatra and Bali.


The Majapahit dynasty developed to the peak, and the feudal state of the unified regime centered on the political and economic center of Java has been formed and laid the foundation for future of Indonesia. It became the most powerful kingdom in Indonesia’s history and the maritime empire of Southeast Asia during that time. The powerful performance of Majapahit has expanded rapidly in the sphere of influence. There is a large-scale centralized organization, the social economy has developed significantly, and East Java has become a new trading center. In the outer area of Java, the country is governed by the local chief or head of the area.

Other than Bali, all other islands also follow the local model of Java Island to establish an administrative body to safeguard the rule of Majapahit. The west, which occupies most of Sumatra and south of the Malay Peninsula; the east, including the islands from Bali to the island of the tomb, the south of Sulawesi, the Maluku Islands, the Banda Islands; And in areas such as the coast of Kalimantan. This range is much larger than the current Indonesian territory.


According to historical records, the Majapahit dynasty was passed to the Kertalanggu dynasty in Bali, or known as the Bali Kertalanggu or the Arya Wang Bang Pinatih dynasty in Bali. The latter also established a ruling office in Desa Kutri, Bali.


Indonesian royal family Penglingsir Puri Saren Kelod Semar Kuning Ubud, I Gusti Ketut Dalem can be officially registered, with the strength of foreigners to continue to carry forward the local cultural development and royal inheritance. In May 2017, he had Tan Sri Dr. AiXinjueluo YuHao as the godson of the royal family, and is named as Ananda Putra I Gusti Ketut Dalem. The title is mainly to promote the unique culture of Bali and promote the local tourism industry.


Tan Sri AiXinjueluo YuHao has been attracted by the Bali's unique cultural and artistic atmosphere, especially wood carvings, stones and paintings. Therefore, hope to spread the cultural atmosphere of Bali to the whole world.


In addition, the Indonesian royal family can also establish business partners with many countries, including Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Laos, Singapore and the United States.







根据历史记载,满者伯夷王朝后传至巴厘Kertalanggu 王朝,或称为巴厘Kertalanggu或巴厘Arya Wang Bang Pinatih王朝。后者也在巴厘Desa Kutri设立统治办公室。


印尼王室Penglingsir Puri Saren Kelod Semar Kuning Ubud, I Gusti Ketut Dalem可册封官职,借助外国人的力量将当地文化发展和王室传承持续发扬广大。他在2017年5月将皇室后裔丹斯里爱新觉罗毓昊博士册封为养子,并赐名为Ananda Putra I Gusti Ketut Dalem。这项册封和尊称,主要为像全世界推广巴厘岛独有的文化,以及发扬当地的旅游业。





↑ 印尼王室 Penglingsir Puri Saren Kelod Semar Kuning Ubud, I Gusti Ketut Dalem

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↑ 印尼王室Penglingsir Puri Saren Kelod Semar Kuning Ubud, I Gusti Ketut Dalem 在2017年5月将皇室后裔丹斯里爱新觉罗毓昊博士册封为皇太子,并赐名为Ananda Putra I Gusti Ketut Dalem。这项册封和尊称,主要为像全世界推广巴厘岛独有的文化,以及发扬当地的旅游业。

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