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History 历史

In archaic times, ancient Greeks, Etruscans and Celts established settlements in the south, the centre and the north of Italy respectively, while various Italian tribes and Italic peoples inhabited the Italian peninsula and insular Italy. The Italic tribe of the Latins formed the city of Rome as a Kingdom, which eventually became a Republic that united Italy by the third century BC and emerged as the dominant power of Europe and the Mediterranean Sea as a consequence of the military victories of generals such as Scipio, Aemilius Paullus, Scipio Aemilianus, Gaius Marius, Lucius Sulla, Pompey and Julius Caesar.


In 27 BC, Augustus established the Roman Empire and inaugurated the Pax Romana, two centuries of stability and relative peace in which Italy flourished as the leading political and economic centre of the known world. The death of the last of the good emperors, Marcus Aurelius, and the crisis of the third century marked the beginning of the decline of Rome. The Empire went through major changes in the following centuries, including a division between West and East in 286 under Diocletian and the end of the persecutions of Christians with the Edict of Milan of 313 under Constantine. The Bishop of Rome was granted religious primacy with the Edict of Thessalonica in 380 and the West collapsed amid barbarian invasions in 476, when Odoacer deposed Romulus Augustus.

在古代,古希腊人,伊特鲁里亚人和凯尔特人分别在意大利南部,中部和北部建立了定居点,而意大利各部落和意大利人居住在意大利半岛和意大利岛屿。拉丁人的斜体部落形成了罗马城作为一个王国,最终成为一个共和国,在公元前三世纪统一意大利,并因为将军的军事胜利而成为欧洲和地中海的主导力量。作为Scipio,Aemilius Paullus,Scipio Aemilianus,Gaius Marius,Lucius Sulla,Pompey和Julius Caesar。

公元前27年,奥古斯都建立了罗马帝国,并开创了两个世纪的稳定和相对和平的和平罗马纳,其中意大利作为已知世界的主要政治和经济中心而蓬勃发展。最后一位好皇帝Marcus Aurelius的死亡以及第三世纪的危机标志着罗马衰败的开始。在接下来的几个世纪里,帝国经历了重大的变化,包括在戴克里先时期的286年西方和东方之间的分裂以及基督徒在君士坦丁统治下的313级米兰法令的迫害。罗马主教在380年被授予了塞萨洛尼卡法令的宗教首要地位,476年,当奥多塞尔废除罗慕路斯奥古斯都时,西方在野蛮入侵中崩溃。

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The PRINCE JUNSUKE Peace Foundation
JUNSUKE 王子和平基金会 

Founded by Borbone Royal Family of Italy and Volkov Imperial Family of Russia as commemorative project of revive royal and imperial relationship and start New Royal Diplomacy between Italy and Russia since 25th December 2015. Borbone Royal and Volkov Imperial Families of Italy and Russia disconnected each other after 1917 Russian Revolution until 98 years later. But one unique and young Prince Maestro of Borbone Royal Family of Italy met Grand Duke Sergey Volkov of Russia in summer 2015.

由意大利 Borbone 皇室和俄罗斯 Volkov 皇室成立,作为恢复皇家和帝国关系的纪念项目,并于2015年12月25日开始在意大利和俄罗斯之间开展新的皇家外交。意大利和俄罗斯的 Borbone Royal 和 Volkov 皇室家族在1917年俄国革命后相互分离,直到98年后。但是,2015年夏天,意大利 Borbone 皇室的一位独特而年轻的王子大师遇见了俄罗斯大公爵谢尔盖沃尔科夫。

Purpose  基金设立目的

1. Promote peace in the world.


2. Organizes Borbone Royal Banquet Concerts in cooperation with local organizers in the hosting country.


3. Borbone Royal Banquet Concerts promote peace in the world by Prince Maestro Junsuke’s piano performance of Tchaikovsky, 44th Grand Duke Volkov’s and 153rd Grand Duke Borbone’s brother love, and by 152nd Grand Duchess Borbone’s mother love, to Prince Junsuke.


4. The Foundation offers invitations to attend the Borbone Royal Banquet Concert to individuals and organizations who give donations to support New Royal Diplomacy for peace in the world.


5. The donations used to enable and expand Foundation’s work for peace in world, to cover all expenses involved in work for peace in any country of world. 





3.Borbone皇家宴会音乐会通过Prince Maestro Junsuke的钢琴演奏柴可夫斯基,第44届大公爵沃尔科夫和第153大公爵Borbone的兄弟之爱以及第152大公爵夫人Borbone的母爱,促进王子君子的世界和平。




5. 这些捐款用于支持和扩大基金会在世界和平方面的工作,并用于支付世界上任何国家和平工作的所有费用。

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