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· United global royal influence

· Spread the emperor's power

· Build up the supreme communication bridge

· Empower the international Royal influence

The World Royal Peace Council Union is an organization formed by 10 members of the world's royal family. In order to convene and unite the world's supreme descendants of royal descent, this council was established in the United States in 2017.


Founder - Dr. Tan Sri Ai Xinjue Luo has the ancestry of the descendants of the Qing Dynasty in China. He determined to reorganize the dynasty Hongfeng, safeguard the dignity and expansion of the royal powers of the royal family, and also seek to find the scattered descendants of the royal family to unite the royal forces of the family. With authority.


With the tenet of "peace, re-enactment, reorganization, culture, archaeology, discussion and sharing", the association serves to unite the world's royal power and promote the royal family. The association was established in just one year, with the success of attracting the attention and morale of the royal families all over the world, attracting the participation of the national royal family, and actively promoting exchanges and cooperation between the royal families of the world, and discussing together for the world's royal culture to push another The peak, let history, archaeology, and royal blood facts make an outstanding contribution.

重现皇族历史文化   传播皇胤时势再现
架起至尊沟通桥梁   共创国际皇家势力

世界皇家和平理事会(World Royal Peace Council Union)是一個由10位来自世界各國皇族后裔联手兴起的组织。


创始人 - 丹斯里爱新觉罗毓昊博士拥有中国清朝皇族后裔的血统,他立志重整皇朝宏峰,维护各国皇族尊严与扩张皇家势力,并且也致力寻找失散的皇族后裔,以保留世家皇家文化与权威。



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